Friday, 18 November 2022

Events for the Weekend in Berlin, November 18-20

(almost) Starting: Christmas Markets 

Christmas markets officially start only on Monday (and Sunday is a day of mourning, like the previous week, more on that in the next item). But really, you're in Berlin, so why not start ahead of time if possible?

Last week I already described several markets that have already started, among them:

  • The market with the snow slide in Potsdamer Platz (see the map at the bottom of the entry)
  • The largest market/fair in Berlin, the Winterzauber on Frankfurteralle, with a huge amusement park (see the map at the bottom of the entry)

At the weekend, several markets will be added: Ones that, as mentioned, could not wait for the official start of the period...

  • Another market that is an amusement park in the Zentraler Festplatz, called Berliner Winterpark
  • The medieval market at RAW opens already on Thursday (November 17), and includes performances with a historical atmosphere, photogenic installations and, of course, food stalls (map, website)

  • The Spandau district is known for the variety of amazing markets in the Old Town area, and this year is no exception. There are no less than four central markets in Spandau, starting from the mall area next to the train station and continuing right up to Spandau Citadel. The first of them will open this Saturday, "Family Wonderland", a market that, as you can understand from its name, is family-oriented (map / website)
  • The Christmas Gardens - in the Tierpark and the Botanical Gardens - both opened this week and are going to provide us with a spectacular light display that blends beautifully with the magical scenery of the Tierpark or the Botanical Gardens. There is quite a hefty admission fee(the botanical gardens: map / website; the shooting park: map / website)

There are also markets that take place only at this weekend, so if they look interesting to you, you should live the moment, for example the Finnish Christmas Market at the Finnish Cultural Center in Kreuzberg (map). If handicrafts and Finnish folklore are not exciting enough for you, the Tegel prison store also holds a Christmas fair on Saturday, of course with rehabilitative handicrafts by prisoners (map/information)

(again): No Flea Markets on Sunday (but don't worry about a too full wallet!)

Also this week there is a national day of mourning on Sunday, which means there are no traditional flea markets this week either. The flea markets of June 17th Street, the "Mouerpark" and similar markets, are all closed. Some of the Christmas markets mentioned in the previous section are also closed (for example the one in Spandau).

However, there are also quite a few special market events for the weekend:

  • Stone lovers? The "Mineralis" fair (in Hall 17 of the Messe, map / website) naturally focuses on the collection and research of proper stones, crystals and minerals. Friday-Sunday, entrance fee.
  • Art book fair, every day of the weekend, in Bethanien (map / website)
There are quite a few clothes swapping events in the city during the weekend (see map at the bottom of the page), the main one is probably in Haus der Statistik (map), the MAKE SMTHNG Kleidertauschparty Berlin swap market on the first (details)

  • Another Sunday market, is at the Vegabund Brauerei (map) in Wedding: flea markets, craft beer and all kinds of other surprises (details)
  • The Italian pasta week is ending, and you can still manage to eat a fine Italian dish for only 15 euros (details)

(a few more) Interesting Things

  • Last week there were many lantern parades around Berlin, this week there is one particularly interesting lantern parade - on Saturday there is a procession in Kreuzberg 36 under the title "widerständiger Laternenumzug gegen Verdrängung". It starts at Rio Raiser Square (map) at 3:30pm (event). 

    • A-Propos activism, the Jewish movement Hashomer Hatzair is celebrating a decade with a celebratory action on Saturday and before that, on Friday - the laying of Stumbling Stones for the activists of Hashomer Hatzair who were murdered by the Nazis, as part of the movement's history project (details).

    • Another decade is being celebrated: Shabbat Together of the Frankelufer Synagogue. On Saturday of course, in the synagogue (details)
    • November 24th is the American Thanksgiving Day. So far, not many events have been announced (even compared to previous years), but there is, for example, a dinner at Bräugier Ostkreuz (details).

    The event map

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