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Events for the weekend, 14-16 October

Last Chance: The Festival of Lights

This weekend is the last chance to catch the Festival of Lights. The festival features quite a few installations in famous buildings in Mitte (map below) and also some events, including the ADFC Light Ride: bicycles are to be decorated with light and ridden on Friday evening in Potsdamer Platz. 

And speaking of transportation: On Sunday, the 10k-Berlin race will flow through City West. Cars are of course blocked (see the route). Starting in the Charlottenburg Castle, there is also a kids' race, at 11:30 . Late registration only in the morning in the race itself. 

The Season of the Witch 

Halloween is coming up and there are already a few events at the weekend. 

  • Horror Nights in the Filmpark Babelsberg on Friday and Saturday. This scary event is only for older kids (really older: aged 16 and up). 

  •  The really big event this weekend for those who cannot wait till Halloween is at Karl's Erdbeerhof in Elstal, with scary food, rides and much more. By the way, next week and the one after that, Karl will offer their "Scary Nights", which are usually overbooked if you don't buy well in advance. 

Hurdy Gurdy Man and other Reasons to Party

  • The Komische Oper will open its gates to children on Sunday with a children festival which will obviously include lots of music... 

Other musical events: 
  • Build your own instrument in Klang-Holz e.V. (also in Spandau), on Saturday, for kids aged 7-12 

And also: 
  • Street party on Gorkistraße in Tegel on Saturday and Sunday, including a shopping Sunday (1-6 pm) 
  • And a "traditional Oktoberfest for families" in Kaulsdorf, on Cecilienplatz, Fri through Sun 
  • Autumn festival in the Pinke-Panke children farm on Sunday (2-6 pm) and another one in the Landhausgarten Dr. Max Fränkel in Kladow. 
  • The Komödie am Kurfürstendamm im Schiller Theater is running a flea market on Saturday, with costumes, props and everything else. 
    • More market: Kilo vintage second hand pop up on both weekend days, in Paul-Lincke-Ufer 21 
    • The Zeughausmesse with designer and handmade articles, Sat+Sun in the Kühlhaus 
    •  Flowmarkt in Neukölln on Sunday 

Children Cultural Month

October is the Children Cultural Month, with many events in museums, theatres and other cultural institutions. Unfortunately, many are overbooked. You can still try to be on the waiting list and it seems like in many cases you can also bet on free places on the spot despite them being officially overbooked. 
Some recommended events with officially free spots: 

  • Dance with tanzbasis , for kids aged 10-12 on Saturday 
  • And also: An opportunity to do some 3D printing in the Futurium ; try printing at the Kurt Mühlenhaupt Museum and much more. 

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