Thursday, 20 October 2022

Events for the weekend : October 21st-23rd and for the Autumn Holidays

 Halloween and autumn

  • On Friday/Saturday/Sunday there's a big street party on Storkower Bogen with rides, food booths and music: the Lichtenberger Herbstfest, free admission 

  • On Saturday and Sunday, the Figurentheater Grashüpfer in Traptower Park will host "Ghost in Black Light" activities, where you can participate with scare enthusiasts aged four and over. Registration
  • "Night of Horrors" at Karl's Strawberry Village in Elstel on Saturday (by pre-registration); All weekend through you can visit and see seasonal entertainment

On Saturday you can also

  • Carve pumpkins in the Globus Baumarkt Lindenberg in the outskirts of Berlin

And more monsters and costumes...

  • Monsters: Are you into Monster Trucks (you or the kids)? At The World of Motorshow you can see all kinds of horrific cars live, on Sunday, in the car park of the Hellweg of Köpenick

  • Costumes: The Zentrum Schöneweide shopping centre is celebrating some sort of anniversary and in honour of this, two things are happening that may interest you: First, on Sunday there will be an "open Sunday shopping" (between 1:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. as usual); And at 18:30 there will also be fireworks. Also, people will walk around there in Star Trek costumes (and you can too, if you have one) and the entire centre will have a Star Trek exhibit. The exhibition is also open during the weekdays of the coming week, so, live long and prosper! 

... and from SciFi to real-life computers and robots

Besides fantasizing about science fiction, you can also participate in various activities of the "Berlin Code Week" at the weekend (which lasts about a month).

  • Friday afternoon at Kinder- und Jugendbibliothek ZLB: level design at Mario Maker (details); Saturday "Maker Kids" activity at the same place (details)
  • Saturday at the municipal library in Kreuzberg: learn Micro:bit coding (details)
  • Saturday/Sunday: At the Futorium - "The City of the Future" (details)
  • Starting Saturday and throughout the fall vacation, FEZ will hold the Verrücktes Labor for explorers four-year-old and older: performances, experiments and the possibility of trying out stuff (details)
  • Sunday: toothbrush robots in the technical museum (details)

And also...

  • For Teens and Young Adults: Queer ZineFest 2022 at Schloss 19 Youth Club on Saturday (details)

Jewish Culture

  • "Hashomer HaTzair" will conduct a memorial tour around Berlin for young adults (from the age of 16) and adults. The tour focuses on the history of the movement before the Holocaust and the resistance to the Nazis by the members of the movement in Berlin. The guidance will be in German, but it is likely that if you have difficulty understanding, there will be enough people who can translate. Sunday, 14:00 (details)

  • I usually don't post events here that aren't in German / English, which are the languages shared by most readers. However, "Bubables" theatre will show the "Kosher Machine" in Ukrainian on Sunday (details) and you are invited to spread the news among Ukrainian-speaking families you know

Next week: fall vacation, solar eclipse

The public school fall break starts on Monday and will last two weeks.

Some events and activities in the coming week:
  • On Monday, a week-long activity will begin at the Spandau field school for children aged 8-10 with lots of autumn nature (details)
  • For those who prefer to stay at home, Siva Kids offer an online Scratch course during the first week of the holiday

  • But you don't have to be at home to learn to program. On Tuesday/Wednesday and Thursday/Friday there will be programming workshops for children aged 6-9 at Yaam, for free (details)
  • On Tuesday, around 12:13, there will be a partial solar eclipse in Berlin. Want to watch it with the kids? Of course, it is enough to stand outside in a place with a clear view (and remember to protect your eyes well and not look at the phenomenon directly!) . However, the three observatories/planetarium of Berlin will also conduct joint observations (information in German), in "Zeiss" and "Archennhold" with creative activities as well (among other things, to create "observation goggles").
A less recommended way to observe an eclipse

  • On Wednesday there will also be a computer workshop for children at Haba, with advance registration (details)
  • And a reminder to the 4th - 6th grade students who have not yet received a "seahorse" / bronze: free swimming courses during the fall break to obtain the certificate

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In addition, you can participate in guided tours in Berlin  - all days of the week - a classic tour to get to know the city, an alternative tour (graffiti  , etc.)  and a Jewish heritage tour 

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