Friday, 28 October 2022

Events for the weekend of October 28th-30th (and of course, Halloween on the 31st)!


Although this is actually on Monday, it is obviously the biggest event of the weekend. There are so many Halloween events, that I had to only concentrate in some major ones in the blog text itself, but I have added quite a few on the map. 

Things you should know, if you're new to Berlin: 
  • Halloween is not really a thing in Germany. Consequently, many people have no idea at all it is Halloween
  • You'd find many parties for adults (the most famous ones in the Kulturbrauerei and in the Weekend, but have a look at 030 if you're looking for Halloween parties for adults)

  • You will also find some cool events for kids, but trick-or-treating is not really so popular, and it is, quite honestly, subjected to the following Murphy's Law: If you will go outside all dressed up with the kids, it is very likely that the neighbours will have no idea why you're asking for candy ; and If you will not buy any candy and will not take your kids, you will get people at the door plus very accusing looks from your own kids. So, in conclusion, mostly a very scary holiday for social awkward people like me, who'd always end up doing the wrong thing. 
And without further ado, some Halloween events this year: 
  • Scary Autumn party in the Strandbad Wendenschloss on Saturday, with a bonfire, pumpkin carving, and much more (FB event / location

  • T&T events:

    • One, which seems a little private: Someone is organising trick-or-treating in the Weinberg on Sunday afternoon (FB event, location)
    • Another one, after publication, on Monday in the Schlosspark in Pankow (maps, FB event)

  • Teens and older can also enjoy the Halloween in the Berlin Dungeon  (details)
  • The Halloween Run in the Jungfernheide has a route for younger kids, one for older kids and two for adults (website / location) , on Monday

  • Many shopping centres will hold their Halloween party for kids, either on the 29th or on the 31st: Europa Centre (29th, incl Trick/Treat); Tempelhofer Hafen (29th); Allende Center (31st); Alexa (all week long, but the big event on the 31st)

  • And for the less commercialised option, many Youth Clubs (Jugendclub) in the different neighbourhoods will hold their own parties, some are also on the map
  • Already booked-up, but perhaps you'll be lucky to get a ticket from the waiting list or someone who can't attend: Karl's Gruselnacht (29th); Hard Rock Cafe Monster Brunch (30th); Ghost time in the Museum of Communication (30th); and the Scary Night in the FEZ (31st)

Make Mariah Rich Again

It's this time of the year again! And it is starting earlier and earlier every year: Stollen are in the supermarkets from August and now, a Christmas market will start at this weekend. If the trend continues like this, we'll have candy in July and Christmas markets will fight the Oktoberfest ones for a space in September. 

Anyway, the Winterwelt in Potsdamer Platz – the one with the cool slide – is starting at the weekend! Admission is free, rides/stalls of course for a fee. 
  • Winterwelt Postdamer Platz (location), open daily from Fri, Oct 28th till January 1st (except for a few holidays)

Castañada and more good reasons to get a cookie

Cookies are always a good idea, but the Iberian community is celebrating the Castañada this weekend. El Colmado tapas place on Joachimstaler Str will offer festive cookies on Saturday, as well as a workshop with a local Castell group, that will show us how to build a human tower! (location / event on FB)

Other food events and markets: 
  • Autumn Market with textiles and handmade products, as well as food and music in the Domäne Dahlem on Sat + Sun (details, location)

  • A pop-up market of Ukranian art in the Heeresbäckerei on Saturday (insta, FB location
  •  The Nowkoelln Flowmarkt in Maybachufer on Sunday (location)
  • Not really for the younger crowd and sort of Halloween event: The Halloween flea market at Starke August on Sunday (location

Also important to know...

  • That daylight saving time ends on October 30, so in the night between Saturday and Sunday, you will "gain" an hour sleep (with 3 am turning into 2 am), but it also means, sundown is much earlier. 
  • On Monday, aside from being Halloween, there's also a children's day in the Natural History Museum , with free admission and many activities (info; location)
  • Between Tuesday and Friday, you can take party in the "Clean River" kids camp in the Labyrint Museum (info)
  • On Wednesday, you can visit the Family Day in the Spandau Citadel (info)
  • And on Thursday (also the rest of the week), why don't you head to EastGate in Marzahn for a lego exhibition ; or an AI workshop for kids in Hellersdorf (info, also robotics on Wednesday)

The event map

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