Friday, 7 October 2022

Events for the weekend, October 7-9

 Festival of Lights

The Festival of Lights opens on Friday, as always, as if there are no stories about an energy crisis around us. Or maybe there is some impact: The theme of the festival this time is "Vision of our Future" and they promise installations that.. (and I quote) "require very little electricity and look as if they move by magic". 

I prepared a map of the Festival of Lights (and even put pictures of some of the planned intallations), so that you can walk between the attractions. A recommendation for families with children - exactly these small sculptures they are talking about, are not to be missed: For example, the Darth Vader installtion near the Humboldt Forum. Recommendation for everyone: keep valuables in crowded places like the Brandenburg Gate. Valuables, including of course your children in the dark. 

The Long Night of the Families

Continuing with Berlin's exciting nightlife! On the night between Saturday and Sunday, many cultural organizations for children and youth open their doors for activities until the late hours. Some of the activities are neighborhood, in neighborhood children and youth centers; Some in museums or other major sites. 

Some notable events: 

  • Dancing at the Staatsblatt School at the Deutsche  Oper
  • Experiments and activities that are also suitable for families where one of the participants is disabled - at the Indiwi center
  • Build lamps and learn about electronics at GoodLab
  • Make music at the Leo Kestenberg Musikschule 
  • Gaze at the stars at night for the whole family at the planetarium

Sukkot, Tabernacles

The Feast of Tabernacles will begin on Sunday evening and end on the following Sunday evening. Of course, in every synagogue in Berlin  you can find a sukkah. Beyond that 

  • Starting on Tuesday, Moving Poets NoVilla in Treptow will hold their version of Sukkot - with secular entertainment that includes jazz and folk bands and food from a selection of places
  • And on Thursday they will celebrate at the Chabad of West Berlin 

Come and Dine with us!

  • Cheese festival at "Markethalla 9" on Sunday - Cheese Berlin 

And some other interesting fairs: 
  • The Berlin Creativity Fair can be of interest to anyone who has a fondness for creating works of art, craft classes and those who are crazy about Pitnerst - at the "Arena" in Treptow, Friday-Sunday 
  • Design and Art " festival sponsored by Stilwerk at KantGaragen on Friday/Saturday 
  • Music festival at Residenzstr in Reinickendorf on Friday ( details )

  • The fall fair ends on Sunday  ,   which includes amusement park facilities, game stands, food, music stages and more   The entrance is free, the facilities cost money. At the Zentraler Festplatz the price for facilities is reduced on Wednesdays. Until October 9, on Wednesday-Sunday afternoons.

Code name: try to crack!

If all this is not enough, then this week the Berlin Coding Week opens (which lasts more than a week, almost a whole month). You are invited to join various events, including: 

  • Marathon of Jugend Hackt in Wedding all days of the weekend
  • Scratch, Calliope, etc. workshops in various public libraries on Saturday (for example: Scratch in Helena Nathan)

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In addition, you can participate in guided tours in Berlin  - all days of the week - a classic tour to get to know the city, an alternative tour (graffiti  , etc.)  and a Jewish heritage tour 

The event map

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